Turkey Enchiladas Seared in my Being

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11-17-09  Tuesday 3139/1333

Dear E,


Gah, I am sorry about your ankle.  That is a bum deal and a half. The annoying optimist in me wants to say this is another chance to learn what an amazing supportive community you are part of…. But I know how annoying that sounds… gah… please let me know if there is anything I can do.


My Tuesday was also very low-key. At work the interns were out, which should have meant I got a lot done but the little things of course. My organization is an interesting one. I am still trying to tease out some clear goals make things are clear. Also, enjoying my new salaried status but of course classic B,- once one hurdle is reach the load shifts to worries if it is a fair amounts, benefits, ect, long term career… gah… relax B!


Made frozen enchiladas with turkey leftovers from pre-Thanksgiving event hosted by my roommate last Sunday. Hard to describe but T family tradition just compelled me to make enchiladas. Hmmm some mammals are born with migration patterns internalized and somewhere along the way, I had turkey enchiladas seared in my being.


More classic B mistakes, I was at Whole Foods (it is the closest grocery store to my bus stop) and grabbed “Tofuitti” tofu sour cream instead of regular. Did you ever eat paste as a child? Well if you missed out on that experience I have half a tub of tofu sour cream that can help you recapture that experience. Cooked with the enchiladas, it was not half bad and lactose free!


Prepped for the trip south for “Dia de las Acciones de Gracias” and cleaned my room. Yep a wild Tuesday indeed. I will be thinking about you with the ankle!

Much love,




Instead of the Do-It-Yourself Variety

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11-24-09 Tuesday 3139

Dear B,

Not too exciting today. Got up, called my neighbor to go to the barn and bring my crutches so I could hobble around on my sprained ankle. Just what I need! Went to get my first real haircut in three years from E’s daughter-in-law—how nice to have a professional one instead of the do-it-yourself variety. Then went to the doctor for X-rays to confirm no breaks—hooray! Then to visit with E, errands here and there, and finally home, very tired. Tomorrow I start cooking for Thanksgiving. I’ll be thinking of you and wondering where you’ll be on Thursday. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Auntie E

A Light Flashing Hand Clapping Presentation

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11-17-09  Tuesday 3138/1332

Dear E:

I guessed you may have been hinting at love but I did not want to read into things too much. Alaska is far but stranger things have happened.

Tuesday 3138 was a wonderful last minute celebration for my friend K’s 25th. She hosted some festivities last Friday but I wanted to ensure her actual day was recognized. A simple offer to take her out to dinner snowballed into a last minute happy hour celebration. Rolling together a few email lists from events and friends lists, I mass emailed around 50-70 people in the afternoon about the celebration in honor of a quarter century of K’s “lovable antics and festive foibles” (and half priced bottles of wine). 20ish people showed from random parts of K’s life- work, kickball, campaign and college. Some of whom I knew some I didn’t, some I met some I didn’t. We honored the momentous Tuesday in a proper fashion and the wait staff contributed with a candle laden Tiramisu, a hip tape recorded interpretation of the happy birthday songs and a light flashing hand clapping presentation of the dessert.

Last minute, simple and fun, K was delighted and the evening was a stumbling success. It was a terrific feeling to bring such a mix of great people together if only for a half-priced wine special and a quick birthday get-together but the evening and attendance was mostly a reflection of what kind of fun person K is.


An Attitude Adjustment to Get Used to Living Again

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11-17-09  Tuesday 3138

Dear B,

The mighty wind has finally died down but it’s supposed to ratchet back up tomorrow. I’m still in shock that my shed at the Store completely blew apart yesterday and was scattered all over. I’m glad I had moved all my cooking equipment out of there earlier this year. I guess this marks the end of my doing preserves at the Store.

I left the Island and ran a few errands in town: picked up checks at the P.O. and deposited them. I love this time of year when the money starts flowing in the other direction for a little while as I harvest. I don’t think many people think about farming that way—the money doesn’t come in all year long; you’ve got to make it last.

I stopped in on B to celebrate her further good news that her CT scan shows no sign of cancer. Of course, no one can quite figure out how she was given a 6-month death sentence and signed into Hospice, but her daughter and I were very suspicious about that finding from the very beginning. I’m a bit p-o’d at the surgeon who sent us all up and down this roller coaster ride for the last three months. And now she’s going to have to give herself an attitude adjustment to get used to living again. I keep telling her how grateful we are and that we’re going to have a terrific Thanksgiving this year. And reassure her that she is still going to die.

Came home and had a great phone conversation with W. Have I forgotten to tell you that I am in love again for the first time in 21+ years? Yes, I think I have. Suffice it to say the “love of my life” has returned. You met him briefly a number of years ago. There is only one obstacle: he lives in Alaska. Hmmm.

Auntie E

Not Like Your First Tuesday

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11-10-09 Tuesday 3137

Dear B,

Today is my 3137th Tuesday! Welcome to your 1331st Tuesday. Wow, I saw you on your very first Tuesday when you were three days old. Do you remember? I want you to know that it is not that easy to figure out how many Tuesdays we’ve been alive because some years have 52 Tuesdays and some have 53. It appears that there are generally two 53 Tuesday years every ten years, but I couldn’t find a discernible pattern, which is why I’m not a mathematician. So I just added up the Tuesdays of every year and that took awhile (for me).

Today was not like your first Tuesday. I took a load of fruit off the Island to the Co-op, ran a bunch of shopping errands while I was that far down the mainland, and then stopped in to visit B, who had some very good news for me—she had decided not to go through with the physician-assisted suicide. I was SO relieved. We had it almost set up for her. I know that at 94, she’s struggling with the question of why she’s still here, and she’s not too pleased at her circumstances, but she still has her wonderful wits and spirit about her and is such a joy to be with. None of us wanted her to go but we all respected her right to have a choice about it. I’m just glad she changed her mind. A Tuesday to celebrate!

Auntie E

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