11-17-09  Tuesday 3138/1332

Dear E:

I guessed you may have been hinting at love but I did not want to read into things too much. Alaska is far but stranger things have happened.

Tuesday 3138 was a wonderful last minute celebration for my friend K’s 25th. She hosted some festivities last Friday but I wanted to ensure her actual day was recognized. A simple offer to take her out to dinner snowballed into a last minute happy hour celebration. Rolling together a few email lists from events and friends lists, I mass emailed around 50-70 people in the afternoon about the celebration in honor of a quarter century of K’s “lovable antics and festive foibles” (and half priced bottles of wine). 20ish people showed from random parts of K’s life- work, kickball, campaign and college. Some of whom I knew some I didn’t, some I met some I didn’t. We honored the momentous Tuesday in a proper fashion and the wait staff contributed with a candle laden Tiramisu, a hip tape recorded interpretation of the happy birthday songs and a light flashing hand clapping presentation of the dessert.

Last minute, simple and fun, K was delighted and the evening was a stumbling success. It was a terrific feeling to bring such a mix of great people together if only for a half-priced wine special and a quick birthday get-together but the evening and attendance was mostly a reflection of what kind of fun person K is.