11-17-09  Tuesday 3138

Dear B,

The mighty wind has finally died down but it’s supposed to ratchet back up tomorrow. I’m still in shock that my shed at the Store completely blew apart yesterday and was scattered all over. I’m glad I had moved all my cooking equipment out of there earlier this year. I guess this marks the end of my doing preserves at the Store.

I left the Island and ran a few errands in town: picked up checks at the P.O. and deposited them. I love this time of year when the money starts flowing in the other direction for a little while as I harvest. I don’t think many people think about farming that way—the money doesn’t come in all year long; you’ve got to make it last.

I stopped in on B to celebrate her further good news that her CT scan shows no sign of cancer. Of course, no one can quite figure out how she was given a 6-month death sentence and signed into Hospice, but her daughter and I were very suspicious about that finding from the very beginning. I’m a bit p-o’d at the surgeon who sent us all up and down this roller coaster ride for the last three months. And now she’s going to have to give herself an attitude adjustment to get used to living again. I keep telling her how grateful we are and that we’re going to have a terrific Thanksgiving this year. And reassure her that she is still going to die.

Came home and had a great phone conversation with W. Have I forgotten to tell you that I am in love again for the first time in 21+ years? Yes, I think I have. Suffice it to say the “love of my life” has returned. You met him briefly a number of years ago. There is only one obstacle: he lives in Alaska. Hmmm.

Auntie E