11-10-09 Tuesday 3137

Dear B,

Today is my 3137th Tuesday! Welcome to your 1331st Tuesday. Wow, I saw you on your very first Tuesday when you were three days old. Do you remember? I want you to know that it is not that easy to figure out how many Tuesdays we’ve been alive because some years have 52 Tuesdays and some have 53. It appears that there are generally two 53 Tuesday years every ten years, but I couldn’t find a discernible pattern, which is why I’m not a mathematician. So I just added up the Tuesdays of every year and that took awhile (for me).

Today was not like your first Tuesday. I took a load of fruit off the Island to the Co-op, ran a bunch of shopping errands while I was that far down the mainland, and then stopped in to visit B, who had some very good news for me—she had decided not to go through with the physician-assisted suicide. I was SO relieved. We had it almost set up for her. I know that at 94, she’s struggling with the question of why she’s still here, and she’s not too pleased at her circumstances, but she still has her wonderful wits and spirit about her and is such a joy to be with. None of us wanted her to go but we all respected her right to have a choice about it. I’m just glad she changed her mind. A Tuesday to celebrate!

Auntie E