11-17-09  Tuesday 3139/1333

Dear E,


Gah, I am sorry about your ankle.  That is a bum deal and a half. The annoying optimist in me wants to say this is another chance to learn what an amazing supportive community you are part of…. But I know how annoying that sounds… gah… please let me know if there is anything I can do.


My Tuesday was also very low-key. At work the interns were out, which should have meant I got a lot done but the little things of course. My organization is an interesting one. I am still trying to tease out some clear goals make things are clear. Also, enjoying my new salaried status but of course classic B,- once one hurdle is reach the load shifts to worries if it is a fair amounts, benefits, ect, long term career… gah… relax B!


Made frozen enchiladas with turkey leftovers from pre-Thanksgiving event hosted by my roommate last Sunday. Hard to describe but T family tradition just compelled me to make enchiladas. Hmmm some mammals are born with migration patterns internalized and somewhere along the way, I had turkey enchiladas seared in my being.


More classic B mistakes, I was at Whole Foods (it is the closest grocery store to my bus stop) and grabbed “Tofuitti” tofu sour cream instead of regular. Did you ever eat paste as a child? Well if you missed out on that experience I have half a tub of tofu sour cream that can help you recapture that experience. Cooked with the enchiladas, it was not half bad and lactose free!


Prepped for the trip south for “Dia de las Acciones de Gracias” and cleaned my room. Yep a wild Tuesday indeed. I will be thinking about you with the ankle!

Much love,