12-01-09 Tuesday 3140

Dear B,

My ankle is much better and I’m able to put weight on it now without crutches—very handy for getting around. It WAS another opportunity to experience my incredibly supportive community—especially on Thanksgiving when the turkey et al had to be transported from my small place to my neighbors, and then again to the barn because we had a six-hour power outage. Fortunately, on an impulse buy several years ago, I bought a wonderful old electric turkey roaster at a thrift shop and I managed not to offer it for sale at my garage sale in September. I sent the neighbors back to the farm to get it and then I spent 3 ½ hours watching/basting our turkey in the barn with its generator. I was so glad I had done most of the cooking on Wednesday. Just as I was making gravy using a flashlight, the power came on. I still say home-delivered electricity is in the top 10 list of inventions. Hope your southern Thanksgiving was grand, especially knowing you had turkey enchiladas to come home to. (I did eat paste as a child, so I’ll make a mental note to skip the tofu sour cream.)

Today I worked on getting letters out from our citizens committee to ask certain property owners if they would be willing to sign a commitment to donate a road easement to move the road inland in case the current one falls into the brink. I’m hoping the people who committed verbally will now do so in writing. Then it was on to an editorial board meeting for the new island newspaper. The former editor has ended the previous publication, so now we’re trying to launch a replacement with a committee of  12+ people. Lots of professional expertise though so it’s kinda fun to be working with other pros. I ended the evening by making three batches of pesto and thought of you.

I’m practicing wanting what I have these days. I highly recommend it for worriers. I suppose it’s another way of being/staying in the moment, but I think we would all be better off by wanting what we have instead of forever chasing what we think we might want and don’t have.


Auntie E