Tuesday 1335

Dear E-

A too late Tuesday update. Well This Tuesday the theme is details and you can see how well I am in doing with this theme by noting the day this was posted. Last Friday the 4th my horoscope read something to the effect of “you have a good handle on the big picture-focus on the little things” I should interrupt here to say that one of my interns is obsessed with horoscopes and eagerly reads them every day. Well that Friday, I did get tripped up on some details and hence the theme of the week last week was details. Not that this relates terribly much to Tuesday # which was not a terribly above average or below average day. Keeping with the K theme, which is a pattern on Tuesdays it seems, She made a fine chili for her housemates and I. H called during dinner to see if I would pick up at the pool and save him a walk home in the sleet and snow. I missed the call but wish I had picked him up if only to gain a little currency, probably not the best motivation. Work is winding down for the holidays and I am counting down the days for home…