12-08-09 Tuesday 3141

Dear B,

Happy Tuesday again! I went online shopping for your Christmas present today and found it. Actually it is your Christmas present and next year’s birthday present too. I had it shipped directly to you because I didn’t think you’d want to drag it back from Boise. I hope H will be there to receive it. I can’t remember when you leave. That was my biggest accomplishment for the day. The rest of the day was puttering here and there, taking care of Inky, my neighbor’s cat and house while she’s away, and trying to stay warm. It didn’t get above 20 degrees yesterday and has been down as far as 8 degrees—no global warming at this latitude! It’s been this cold for several days and is supposed to continue for several more. The pond is mostly frozen over, so I can practice my walking on water act soon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately. This weekend I went to M & M’s baby shower and spent the night at M’s in Paulsbo. Both of the soon-to-be grandmothers acknowledged and welcomed my honorary grandmother status, which felt very good. We worked out what each of us will be called so that poor “Hank” won’t get confused. I get to be GramE. What I’ve been thinking is how lucky I am to have people who will share their family with me and especially how lucky I am to have you so very much in my hear and life. Hope you had a good day.


Auntie E