Dear E,
First Tuesday of 2010. Didn’t sleep too well between the extend family and the news to deliver. I made it up skiing for what would be my first and likely last ski adventure of 2010. The foggy snow and thin snow cover made that realization a little easier. The less than ideal conditions made it a shorter day then I would have preferred.   I came home to a nice dinner with our next door neighbors and catching up on their life and recent their trip to Pasadena and the latest goings on in the neighborhood.  A walked in the door around and when my parents would have been happier to go to bed, I sat them down and delivered the news. Painful and scary as it was, there was no immediate relief it just felt like I was shifting the burden a little. My friends compared it to ripping off a band-aid – it only takes 5 years to heal. We shall see…