Tuesday 3143

Dear B,

I sadly took B to the ferry today, where he’s off to accompany his sister to Colorado for Christmas. We spent all afternoon yesterday and evening with Betty who died of pneumonia at 9 pm, an hour and a half after we left. She was so happy to know that she might die on the Winter Solstice. I’m happy for her because she has wanted to go for so long, but of course, I am very sad for me.

I was so impressed with how B dealt with the whole thing. He was so good with her and yet I worried about putting him through this because I knew it was bringing up painful memories about the deaths of his wife and parents. And he was good with me too when we learned she had died.

I’m getting a sore throat and hope I can nip it in the bud—I’ve got a lot to do to get ready for Christmas and now write an obituary and help plan a memorial service. Oh I’m going to miss her so much—she was SO amazing. I only hope I can age as well as she did in the next 35 years, if I have that many.


Auntie E