Dear E-

Well we got Dennis Kunich, His office RSVPed for an event we are having with Jane Goodall next week. Did you know he was a vegan? Apparently his wife was very active in passing the Great Apes Protection Act, who knew? Me well I am in a little bit of recovery mode from the trip to Florida from S. Overall it was a fun novel weekend, a bit exhausting really. I caught up with my cousin B who I had not seen in oh… uh 8 years to find out well we have done different things in those 8 years. Disney World was a lot of fun and I do hope S had a great birthday, we did his birthday dinner at a Teppanakyi Steakhouse in the Japan part of Epcot. I can not say Disneyworld is a place I would every really pick out to go to but for free it was a lot of fun. S and I’s favorite ride was Soarin’ a flight simulator that takes you hang gliding though California.

Work was boring and I don’t remember much. I did decide over the weekend that I am on the move from 413. I have been there a year and just don’t really think I can be happy there as much as I would like to be. It has been an emotional roller coaster ride of 2009 and I well, want to get off. There is plenty to say on the subject of H best to say- time to let go and seek my own path. He has nice stuff that is for sure but I want to strike out on my own…. As you say “we choose what we hold on to” and I have been holding on to a damn lot. I wanted to call the time I was home for Christmas a “reset” but we quickly fell into old patterns and were not speaking for weeks prior to blow-ups Sunday and last Thurs. Again much to say, much learned, and now DC real estate hunt take 2.

In that spirit, I went to check out a group house in the “gayborhood” it was a cool enough house but I think 7 people would be a bit much for me to deal with right now and I didn’t “fall well with them” in a literal translation of my favorite Spanish idiom. I am back at the stage where I have to decide what I want and make steps to get it.

I keep coming back to our dinners with you and how you would remind me I didn’t have to eat foods I didn’t like or finish my plate if I was full. You could call it the settling approach to life, self-effacement, fit to  form, making due, seeing the future as a choice or an option not something to be feared and I am working to return to that. I still remember how scared and excited I was this time last year, foolish in the promise I saw. Hopefully I can find a place to live that I was excited about I was about 413 but the time to move has come.

Here is to growth,