Dear E,

There goes January. Last night I had a dream that my friend’s dog Ginger had security clearance, DC must be getting to me. Over all it was a  boring long day at preparing for tomorrow’s briefing on the subject of cross-boundry disease management among people livestock and animals in Africa.

The day gave me lots of time to think about my visit to the physic I made yesterday on a whim with my intern  E  after work. Ms. Jessica or her accomplice told me among other things “there is someone in your life that doesn’t want to see you happy,” which I took to mean H. She also strangely enough mentioned she saw California and something with “development” in my spirit. On the more obvious side she noticed I had not been sleeping well because something was keeping me up at night. Though she did not make the direct link to my “broken heart” she mentioned it along with nice things about how I am a good person do a great deal to help others. Her quick temper comment was the only thing that I felt was totally off base. All in all, I was a little startled by the specifics even if she was just pulling them out of her gypsy head and I was reading into everything she said. What is your experience with Georgetown palm readers?

Meanwhile, back on Tuesday, I met up with my fellow former Minnick interns for 25 cent wings on the hill. Two of my former slave labors landed jobs in the Minnick camp. One with the “official” office is making a whopping 25k which in Boise terms is like 14k or borderline poverty levels…. the other girl who got the job on the campaign side makes the exact same as me, is bursting with excitement for her upcoming trip to Coeur d’Alene and has a $600 deductible on her health insurance.  Not that I am keeping score. I am happy for them both fellow passengers in the boat of entry level joy. Things did work out for everyone. Even though I seem to be a bit of a professional party planner my job is paying me decently things are on the up and up.

There was another call to the folks, not that we ever talked about much before but now I feel especially important to keep the pleasantries moving along. Working on keeping up with my Tuesdays- but as my whole days are spend at the computer writing emails… it is a challenge that needs a dose of focus.



PS Taking up lots of space…