7/11/11 –There were free slurpees today but they ran out.

Dear E,

Ok, here is a pre-Tuesday slide show for you.

I can’t always say why but each image has something that reminds me of you. My favorite is the “Here, me roar”. When I saw it scrawled in the New York subway, it was tempting to go into an autocorrect mode and laugh at my grammatical superiority. “Surely, it must be hear me roar, poor lug never learned his homonyms.”

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Well, I gave it a little more thought and decided that it was not a grammatical error—but rather a bold declaration. Here, I stand to roar on the subway platform. Take up some space and scream a bit at the urban chaos.

The others, well might speak for themselves- a pork roast rolled with homemade olive tapenade, Ichiro.

The word clouds or lists are taken from Google’s autocomplete option on its search engine. To me, they offer simple wonderful amusing insight on life and modern anxiety, standing as their own mini poem of sorts. Glorified list is perhaps a better explanation but I love them.