Dear E-

I have heard self effacing, self- hatred and not comfortable in my own skin. Here is to a vow that I will stop making myself my own worst enemy. Ode to Tuesday now becomes the things to celebrate blog.  Roses and thorns perhaps.
Today’s List-
We went to the congressional baseball game fun times connecting with old friends.
I am grateful to have worked with some really great people.
I learned about people in China who dye their dogs to look like puppies.

Goal is to focus: Focus my thinking to be sharp and high level thinker or tinkerer.

Any insights on where this deep self effacement comes from? And the best way to gain confidence by osmosis? Work or achievement.
Let’s starting giving ourselves credit. Me credit.
What is it going to take?
It may take me recognize that I am actually a standout guy. Next time I may have to list the reasons.


Dear B,

I have always been puzzled about your self-effacement because you’ve always been a standout guy to me, even as a toddler. Perhaps your lack of confidence comes from not feeling free to declare your full self until last year. Now that you see that the ones you care about most can accept you and love you fully for being your whole self, perhaps you can start to believe that you are even more than OK. I think that is what it will take–not work or achievement–but an inner focus and belief. In the end, we can only be the people we believe we are. Like happiness, confidence is an inside job. No external cues and nothing that I or anyone else can say to you, can instill self-confidence. It’s not about measuring; it’s about believing. You were placed here on this earth to express your full self: speak in a full voice, take up space, blossom in full color, learn how to be the best you that you can be. Give yourself to the world–you have a wonderful self to give.

I love it that you are focusing on positive things!


Auntie E