He stole our name….

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He stole our name….


10 things I am grateful for in no order at all

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Polar fleece. Seriously this stuff is great, warm and soft. Snuggly. It is almost the perfect fabric. As George Castanza said of velvet, “I would drape myself in it it was socially acceptable.

The Simpsons. Ok well it needs to end but credit for the hours of humor and enjoyment its irreverent take gave.

The DC Metro- People love to gripe about this but it is one of the cleanest most effective well run systems. Clean as whistle and works more time than not.

Dangerous Dan Mcgrew. “Non could place the strangers but we searched ourselves for a clue” ‘Twas the crowning cry of a heart’s despair, and it thrilled you through and through” brilliant stuff.

Dr. Pepper- 23 flavors and I only taste the goodness.

Crockpot- definitely my favorite cooking instrument and in a pinch it doubles as a foot bath.

Penguin Cafe Orchestra- Making classical music hip and accessible

The “Group deals” fad- giving power back to the consumer

Mint- its a wonderful flavor